5 Reasons Why Reflexology Is Good For You

Reflexology is the art of applying pressure on different points of the feet and hands to relieve pain. It also corresponds with massage therapy but the only difference is that reflexologists insist on manipulating different zones on the hands and feet. Research has shown that pressure applied on these two areas leads to holistic healing.

The kneading, rubbing and manipulation helps the body muscles rejuvenate and it also helps them get relief from any muscle strain or stress. People who are actively involved in reflexology have a high potential of adjusting their lives into general body wellbeing. Here are 5 reasons why you should choose reflexology:

· It encourages proper flow and circulation of blood within the body.

· The kneading and massaging helps the body muscles loosen ridding the body and the mind off stress.

· Reflex action due to the kneading and massaging will help particular body organs like the stomach and the intestines to function better thus reducing cases like constipation and indigestion.

· The stress relieving aspect of reflexology will calm the nerves and help the body fight conditions like insomnia.

· Since reflexology is practiced on the hands and feet, body conscious people can be more comfortable during the therapy since they don’t have to undress.

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